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Fireside Winery proudly supports charitable endeavors in our local community.

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Our winery family extends into our local community, so we strive to support local causes, organizations, and events that are giving back. 

If you would like to inquire about Fireside Winery supporting your cause, organization, or event, please fill out our donation form.

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Donation FAQ

How often are donation requests reviewed?

Donations requests are reviewed quarterly.

How far in advance of the event do i need apply?

Please submit requests a minimum of 90 days before the donation is needed to allow appropriate time for review and execution of the request, if approved.

Do you offer cash donations?

Requests for cash donations will not be considered.

Where do you provide support?

Our charitable efforts are focused primarily on the local and surrounding community. We will not consider donation requests from organizations outside the state of Iowa. 

We also are generally unable to support organizations or events whose primary recipients are under the legal drinking age. 

Will you donate wine to our cause?

We cannot offer wine as a donation.

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