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Red Wines



Crownfire is a bold red blend of 75% Cabernet and 25% Iowa Frontenac Spice and wood arrest your senses upon first contact, while deep berry flavors and black pepper spice linger on your tongue. Crownfire is a delightful medium bodied red wine with tannic slendor.

CoCo - Cabernet Sauvignon



Our CoCo (Cabernet Sauvignon) is ageing beautifully and packs a delicious punch of rich aromas and flavors of plum, molasses, and cherry.

Cordovan - Red Zinfandel



Cordovan (Zinfandel) jumps out of the glass with delectable fragrant aromas of black cherry, raspberry, and just a touch of spice. On the palate this juicy wine explodes with flavors of red tree fruit and berries.

Marquette 2010 - Reserve

Limited Release - 59 cases. Not available by the glass



This intensely hued garnet was crafted from our own Brickyard Hill Vineyard and is medium bodied with wonderful light oak and berry on the nose. On the palate, the Marquette is velvety smooth with flavors of fig and anise. A truly delicious, opulent red that will delight all of your senses.

Frontenac - Estate Grown - signature dry red



Our signature, estate grown dry red will invite you in to with enticing smoky tobacco and leather aromas. After your first sip, you'll be overjoyed with a cherry explosion filling your mouth, and leaving delicious notes of caramel. A lively fruit-forward red that lingers pleasantly on the palate and is easy and approachable.

Frontenac Rose



The Frontenac Rose boasts a beautiful color and lively flavors.  This playful dry red offers cranberry and toasted bread on the nose and tart cherry and raspberry on the palette. Expect a long finish with this light, tart and refreshing red. The Frontenac Rose is sure to complement most dishes.




Our Matchbox possesses delightful red currant and preserved frui on the nose and palate. A taste offers a burst of bright berry sweetness which then fades into an earthy warmth creating a truly nice finish. Easy drinking wine enjoyed on it's own.

Dolce Iowa St. Croix



The nectarous aromas of blackberry, cherry, prune and appealing sweet spices are central in our estate grown sweet red wine. A complex fusion of sweet spice, earthiness, and dark fruit combine to form a richly endowed and satisfying sweeter styled wine.




A delightful wine packed with delicious aromas and flavors of strawberry jam and Concord grapes! Served slightly chilled as a fun and easy to drink wine, pair with your favorite burgers, or after dinner for the perfect ending. Serve anytime good friends gather!

Night Cap



Our Night Cap, made in the traditional “Port” method, uses Zinfandel as the base wine. Fortified with locally made brandy our Night Cap is an opulent treat full of character and yields a warm finish.




Dessert is poured with our newest wine, Sweetheart. You’ll find its a perfect blend of chocolate and raspberry flavors swirled together in a soft, velvety red wine. YUM!   

White Wines

Iowa Lacrosse



On the nose our 2013 LaCrosse blends the perfect amount of earthy and floral notes. Citrus fruits arrest the palate while the crisp taste of a granny smith apple lingers. A great, refreshing summer wine delightfully paired with light fish or pasta dishes.




BLU is a delicious and approachable light, crisp, semi‐sweet white wine made from two delicate grapes: Seyval Blanc and Geisenheim. Great by itself! BLU possesses incredible tropical characteristics and is perfect with spicy Eastern food. Best when served chilled.




Firefly, a top‐selling BLUSH, is extremely fun and fruity, with distinct aromas of strawberry and raspberry and just a hint of cinnamon. While it can be served with lighter foods, it's best enjoyed with good conversation among friends.




Blended with two extraordinary white wine grapes: Vignoles and Chardonel, Storyteller, a semi‐sweet wine, enlivens the senses with sumptuous tropical aromas, well‐balanced flavors, and is incredibly\ food‐friendly.




You’ll experience a sweet tropical treat on the nose of our 2013 Vignoles. When sipping, enjoy the flavors of dried mango and apricot. This fruit forward, medium- bodied white will delight season to season




Made with our Iowa grown Brianna, GLOW has amazing aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, rich apricot and peach. An enticing and satisfying sensation for the lovers of sweet white wines.

Seasonal Wines

Autumn Spiced - SOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST 2014



Back by popular demand, this years release of our white spice wine has light hints of spice and honey on the nose. On the pallette, you’ll find a nicely balanced, slightly sweet, spiced wine with flavors of pear, spice and lemon honey. A perfect pairing for cool fall weather. Try it served warm with a cinnamon stick stir.

Holiday Spiced - seasonal wine



This years Holiday Spice is an easy drinking, slightly sweet, spiced red wine, perfect for family gatherings or sipping on a cool evening. Touches of anise, cloves, smoke and cherry fill your senses and leaves you with a warm, smooth finish.

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