Welcome to Fireside Winery

The warmth of the firepit and the golden hues of the setting sun in the company of good friends with a glass of wine remind us of why we began this winery. Five years ago we opened our winery doors for the first time, in large part, because of the urging of a dear family friend who had recently passed.

Fireside Winery was born from a desire to embrace the "life is too short" philosophy, a long-term passion for wine, an interest in diversifying our family farm business, and a wish to pass on our farm heritage to our children.
For five generations stewardship of this small corner of fertile eastern Iowa soil has rested with the Wyant family. Few places on earth possess the perfect combination of geology and climate as this land. Though corn and soybean are our primary crops, wine grapes have a long history in Iowa dating back to the 1800's. Now our Fireside family is helping to rebuild a wine grape growing legacy in our own rich soils.
We chose the name Fireside Winery because we value the special times and memories created around the fireside. "Fireside Chats" made so famous by FDR were also inspirational to us because of the intimate nature of the talks and how it brought our country together. At home some of the best memories we have are of family bonfires we made with our children. Along those same lines we wanted to recreate those extraordinary feelings at Fireside Winery and to share them with you.

When you visit Fireside Winery our wish is to provide you with exceptional service and delicious wines, but also to welcome you as a guest in our home. At Fireside you can relax with a glass of wine at one of our three fire pits on our lawn, cozy-up on our patio next to our fireplace, enjoy an appetizer, and listen to some of the best Midwestern live music on our outdoor stages.

This year we celebrate our sixth anniversary. We hope you join us and build your own special memories at Fireside Winery with a glass of our wine while enjoying the warmth of the fire pit and scenic beauty of the setting sun.

Bill and Rona Wyant, Owners